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Full Wig or Hairpiece?

Wigs and hairpieces are two of the most common hair accessories. From the hills of Hollywood, where celebrities use them to create different looks for different events, to your local salon, wigs and hairpieces are now more or less integrated into people’s everyday look.


If you too are in need of a wig or hairpiece for any reason, whether you just want to experiment or due to medical reasons, here is how you can choose which would suit you better – a full wig or a hairpiece? Yes, they are not the same, contrary to popular belief.


Full Wigs

Full wigs are designed to mimic the full length of hair and can be worn independently. Since they cover your entire scalp and provide you with new hair, full wigs are generally used by people with problems of excessive hair loss, premature balding and scanty hair growth.


Full wigs are available in a variety of colours, designs and styles, which makes them ideal fashion tools for anyone who wants to create a new and unique look, different from their natural hair. Whether they are made of real human hair or synthetic fibres, full wigs must be washed and conditioned regularly to maintain their texture and sheen.



A hairpiece is basically a small patch or a bunch of synthetic hair that is used for augmenting the look of your natural hair. Unlike full wigs that completely cover your scalp, hairpieces cover only a small portion of your scalp and are mostly used by people with bald patches here and there. Some of the commonly used hair pieces include toupees, fringe hairbands, head-wraps and so on.


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