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One-Stop Destination for Quality Wigs: Beautiq Wigs & Accesories

It can be easy to feel self-conscious when you are losing or have lost your hair. However, it is equally important to know that you are not alone in your journey. We, at Beautiq Wigs & Accessories, have made it our sole purpose to make your experience easier. How do we achieve this? By making you feel beautiful and confident again with our wide range of quality wigs, toupees, hair extensions and other accessories. We want you, as our customer, not to be held back from enjoying life because of hair fall and other hair problems. That is why we strive to be the best hair boutique in Singapore that can efficiently cater to your needs.


Here are the reasons that Beautiq Wigs & Accessories is the best one-stop solution for all your hair wigs and hair accessories needs:


  1. We offer a wide selection of styles

Whatever your hair needs are, we have just the right product for you. We have full wigs in different lengths of long, short and medium. These wigs are available in various colours too.


If you are looking for something to cover a bald spot, we have natural-looking toupees to match your hair colour. We also offer hair extensions in a range of designs. Our products not only make you look and feel young and beautiful again, they make you feel confident and happy. Whether you are at work or going out for a brunch with friends, we have the perfect wigs to match your style.


  1. We assure you premium quality with every purchase

Our products are handmade with utmost care and scrutiny to make them look as natural as possible. They have good netting qualities, are light in weight and feel smooth on your scalp. All these qualities make them sit comfortably and naturally on your scalp, as if it were your own hair. Even on a tiring day at work, your wig won’t make you feel sweaty or feel uncomfortable in any way.


You will have no trouble blending our toupees and hair extensions with your existing hairstyle, and our heat resistant wigs can be styled without any troubles any way you want. So, if you want to try out a new hairstyle for a party, you can easily style your wig without having to buy a new one every time.


  1. We have excellent personal customer service

What distinguishes Beautiq Wigs & Accessories from other boutiques in Singapore is our excellent personalized customer service. You can easily book an appointment online to meet our expert hair consultant in our store. We understand that you have other commitments, so we sincerely value your time, all the while working efficiently to give you the best products and services.


With their knowledge and expertise, our consultants can help you choose the right style for you as per your needs and the style you want to achieve. You will even be taught useful tips on product application so that you will not face any problems later on.

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How Beautiq Wigs’ Hair Consultant can Assist You

Located at Toa Payoh, Singapore, Beautiq Wigs is a one stop shop for all your hair enhancement needs. We offer our discerning customers a wide range of styles and colors of wigs and hair extension to choose from. Don’t know which wig to buy? Fret not! At Beautiq wigs, we also offer complementary hair consultancy to ensure that you get the best value for your money on our products.


Mei Mei, our friendly hair consultant, is here to assist you on your wig purchase and help you decide on a product that goes perfectly with your other facial attributes, such as skin complexion, face shape and size and more.


Want your face to look lighter? Mei Mei will assist you on picking the most suitable color and style of wig that would instantly create an illusion of a thinner face. In addition to teaching you how to apply the various products, Mei Mei can also assist you with the care and maintenance instructions for keeping your wigs and toupees in great shape over the years.