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Your lifestyle and hair loss problems

While we all keep losing hair regularly throughout our lifetimes, the fallen hair is consistently replaced with new strands, restoring the natural volume of our mane and rarely posing a serious problem. The real trouble however comes when the hair loss becomes irreversible and the fallen hair are not replaced with new ones.

Do you know that a major chunk of the information out there regarding hair loss, stems from common societal beliefs, and holds no scientific relevance? That being said it is extremely important to have accurate understanding of what really affects your hair health and what is it that you can do to fix the situation. Here are a few interesting facts that will help you understand hair loss better.

  • As revealed by the Mayo Clinic in the US, stress is indeed the number one cause of excessive hair fall across all age groups. According to the experts, you can actually reverse the symptoms of hair fall and restore your natural hair volume by keeping your stress levels down!
  • Do you know that smoking is fast emerging as another major cause of lifestyle induced graying and hair fall? The nicotine content of cigarettes is responsible for narrowing the blood vessels in the scalp and interfering with the natural hair growth.
  • As they say, ‘You are what you eat’, the fact is that poor nutrition can lead to permanent hair loss and damage among people of all age groups. What with the constant obsession to attainsize zero, women frequently go on crash diets that seriously limit their nutrition intake. This causes severe nutritional deficiencies that eventually lead to hair fall.
  • One of the downsides of living in an uber urbanized city such as Singapore is the excessive pollution that one is constantly exposed to. Car exhaust fumes have been found to alter the very chemical structure of hair shafts, leading to easy breakage and permanent damage.
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How to pick a suitable hair wig/extension/toupee color

Picking the right hair wig, extension or toupee can be tricky. In addition to having the right cut and style, your hair wig must also sport a color that flawlessly complements your skin complexion and plays up your facial features as well!


So, if you are going to buy a new wig or a toupee, you need to first determine your purpose of getting a hair extension. If your main aim is to add more volume to your thinning hair, you must go for a wig color that is as close to your natural hair color as possible.


On the other hand, if you want to add a splash of vibrant colors to your personality, you must ensure to get a wig or a toupee that complements your warm or cool toned skin color. For instance, while warmer shades of golden brown and blonde go extremely well with warmer skin complexions, you might want to try platinum, auburn or shades of icy blue if you have cool toned skin.

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How To Care For Human Hair Wigs

If you own a wig that is made from real human hair, most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing a wig. However, to keep it in good condition, you need to care for it on a regular basis. Here are some useful tips to help you out:

Wash and condition your human hair wig with a good quality wig shampoo and conditioner at least after every 10 wearing. This helps to preserve the natural texture.

You can also use formulated lotions such as the hair wig treatment to maintain your wigs in great condition. The hair wig treatment not only helps in taming wild frizzy wig strands but also softens them for easy brushing and flawless styling.

Always de-tangle your wigs with a good quality wide-toothed brush or comb to clean the individual strands thoroughly. You can try the Beauty Comb that has been designed especially for wigs, extensions and hairpieces.

Placing your wig on a wig stand after every wash is critical for allowing comfortable air drying of the individual hair strands. Check out the high-quality Wig Stand that enables you to maintain the shape and texture of your human hair wig.

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Full Wig or Hairpiece?

Wigs and hairpieces are two of the most common hair accessories. From the hills of Hollywood, where celebrities use them to create different looks for different events, to your local salon, wigs and hairpieces are now more or less integrated into people’s everyday look.


If you too are in need of a wig or hairpiece for any reason, whether you just want to experiment or due to medical reasons, here is how you can choose which would suit you better – a full wig or a hairpiece? Yes, they are not the same, contrary to popular belief.


Full Wigs

Full wigs are designed to mimic the full length of hair and can be worn independently. Since they cover your entire scalp and provide you with new hair, full wigs are generally used by people with problems of excessive hair loss, premature balding and scanty hair growth.


Full wigs are available in a variety of colours, designs and styles, which makes them ideal fashion tools for anyone who wants to create a new and unique look, different from their natural hair. Whether they are made of real human hair or synthetic fibres, full wigs must be washed and conditioned regularly to maintain their texture and sheen.



A hairpiece is basically a small patch or a bunch of synthetic hair that is used for augmenting the look of your natural hair. Unlike full wigs that completely cover your scalp, hairpieces cover only a small portion of your scalp and are mostly used by people with bald patches here and there. Some of the commonly used hair pieces include toupees, fringe hairbands, head-wraps and so on.


At Beautiq Wigs, we offer a wide variety of high-quality full wigs and hairpieces, ranging from human hair wigs to synthetic hair wigs, as well as premium synthetic hair wigs. Visit our store.

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How to Apply a Front Fringe Hairband

A Fringe Hairband is the quintessential hair accessory for women who love to sport frizz free polished bangs but do not possess the hair volume or texture to achieve them naturally. These hair accessories are shaped like a regular hairband featuring bang styled hair fringes on the front and can be worn directly on the scalp.

(place image of a woman with bad/frizzy fringe)

Tools you need:

 Sinma Beautiq Hair Wig Bang 1 Sinma Beautiq Wigs Accessories 4 Sinma Beautiq Wigs Accessories 5
The Fringe HairbandA Wig StandA Comb or Brush



Retrieve the fringe hairband from the wig stand and wear it like a regular hairband.


Brush the wig strands with a comb to blend it with your natural hair strands.


Style the wig and voilà!



Would you like a lightweight and comfortable Fringe Hairband product? You can purchase now.


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How to Apply a Hair Extension

Tool Required:


 Sinma Beautiq H-87 3 pincer wigs / ponytail wigs / long ponytail wigs / pincer ponytail wigs / brown long pincer Sinma Beautiq Wigs Accessories 4 Sinma Beautiq Wigs Accessories 5
The Hair ExtensionA Wig StandA Comb or Brush





  • Start by dividing your hair into horizontal sections and securing the upper layer with a hair clip.



  • Retrieve the hair extension from the wig stand and position it on your scalp along the line of the exposed hair.



  • Snap the clips of the hair extension onto the roots of your hair.



  • Un-clip the upper layer of your hair and let the strands fall onto the hair extension.



  • Blend the strands of the extension with your natural hair.



  • Style your hair extensions as per your preference!




We have Hair Extensions with variety of styles and colours.

You wish to apply your Hair Extensions, but do not have the necessary tools? Visit our store.


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How to Apply a Toupee Clip

Toupees can be an incredible remedy for dealing with the problem of sparse hair due to unrestrained hair fall or naturally scanty hair growth. Here is all you need to know about applying a toupee all by yourself!


(image of woman with bald spot)



Tools Required:


 Sinma Beautiq Wigs FK-W165 2 Sinma Beautiq Wigs Accessories 4 Sinma Beautiq Wigs Accessories 5
The hairpieceA Wig StandA Comb or Brush




  • First, unfasten the toupee clips.



  • Place the toupee onto your scalp (on the spot where the hair is sparse) and snap the clips onto the roots of your hair.



  • Finally, using a brush, blend the fibres of the toupee with your natural hair and you’re good to go!





You can watch the video instructions below.

(place video here)


We have a variety of toupees with different style and colour.

You wish to apply your toupee, but do not have the necessary tools? Visit our Wig Care store.



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How to Apply a Short Hair Wig

Tools required:


  Sinma Beautiq Wigs Accessories 4 Sinma Beautiq Wigs Accessories 5 Sinma Beautiq Wigs Accessories 2
The WigA Wig StandA Comb or BrushA Wig Cap




  • First, you need to put on your wig cap and neatly tuck in all the loose hair within.



  • Next, take the wig, pull out all the straps and hook them within the flat loops provided on the other side. You can adjust the straps according to your preferred size.



  • Once the straps are securely fastened, hold the wig by the fringe and position it on your scalp.



  • Adjust the wig properly to align with your natural hairline.



  • Style the wig with a comb or a brush and there you are!



We have Short Hair Wigs with variety of styles and colours.

You wish to apply your Short Hair Wig, but do not have the necessary tools? Visit our Wig Care store.